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While the ultimate goal is to maintain good dental health, some patients may go through dental conditions that require the removal of teeth. Extracting the tooth is a viable option that provides comfort to the patient. It is a minor surgical procedure that the dentist performs with precision and care. However, Tod Anderson DDS family and cosmetic dentistry performs tooth extractions only as a final resort to reduce the pain caused by the dental condition. It also helps to stop the spread of infection in the mouth. 

Why Do You Have to Preserve Your Tooth?

  • Preserving the tooth helps to avoid dental diseases. Simple dental care at home helps prevent diseases that may cause harm to the overall health of the patient. 
  • It helps to avoid speech impairments and bite conditions that most people experience when they have dental diseases. Treating it at the right time helps to prevent complications that may lead to tooth loss.
  • Preserving the tooth means maintaining the natural tooth structure. It aids the better appearance of the person. 

When Would You Require an Extraction?

  • The tooth has irreparable damage that cannot be treated through dental procedures. 
  • Severe gum disease has loosened the tooth from its socket, which may require an extraction.
  • An impacted tooth that does not grow out of the gums may require extraction.
  • Teeth overcrowding in the mouth may need a tooth or two to be extracted.
  • Extraction is sometimes needed to facilitate orthodontic treatment.

Types of Extractions

Dental extractions can be performed in two ways:

Simple Extraction:As the name suggests, a simple extraction is performed to remove teeth visible in the mouth. It is done after the patient has been provided local anesthesia.

Surgical extraction:is a surgical procedure performed to extract a tooth that cannot be easily accessed. The patient is under general anesthesia when surgical extraction is performed.

Removing an infected tooth at the right time is crucial to avoid spreading infections in the mouth. It is an ideal option to preserve the overall dental health of the patient.

At Tod Anderson DDS family and cosmetic dentistry, located in Los Gatos, CA, patients receive the best dental treatments from expert dentists. Call us at (408) 540-7813 and book an appointment to know more about the extraction and preservation of the teeth. 


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