Intra-Oral Camera in Los Gatos, CA

An Intra-Oral Camera is a dental innovation used to observe different structures of the mouth in detail. It is used for assessing and diagnosing oral health problems in patients. Dental conditions like gum disease, cavities, broken dental fillings can be evaluated using Intra Oral Camera. Tod Anderson DDS family and cosmetic dentistry use modern technologies that enable better treatment for patients. 

Benefits of Intra-Oral Camera  

  • Preventive Diagnosis and Care

Intra-Oral Camera helps to detect dental diseases in their initial stage. It helps identify symptoms that signal dental abnormalities that cannot be viewed through a regular dental checkup. Early detections help to prevent future complications that may cause significant damage to the teeth. 

  • Convenient Diagnosis

An intra-Oral Camera enables a quick and convenient diagnosis process. The procedure can be completed in few minutes, unlike traditional diagnosis methods. Intra-Oral Camera explores the oral activity and allows immediate analysis that is interpreted by the dentist.

  • More Transparent Patient Education

The images obtained through an Intra-Oral Camera can be viewed immediately on a screen. The dentist can explain the dental condition with reference to the images. There is more accuracy and clarity is offered by the images obtained through the Intra-Oral Camera.  

  • For Future Reference

The images obtained from the Intra-Oral Camera can be used for future reference. In case of a dental condition like cavities, the dentist can show the before and after treatment images to view the changes made by the treatment. 

Method of using Intra-Oral Camera  

An Intra-Oral Camera is a small penlike device that has a built-in light source. It is directed to the parts in the mouth that needs to be observed by the dentist. The illumination helps to view the dental condition in detail and the images and videos can be captured. 

The dentist performs a closer analysis of the dental structure with the help of images. The patient can view the images through a screen, making it an ideal process that enhances the dentist's credibility.  ​If required, the dentist transfers or store the images for further reference.

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