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Placing onlays is a cosmetic procedure that helps to restore a decayed or damaged tooth. It is a restorative treatment that improves the dental function of the patient. An onlay, also referred to as the partial crown, helps replace old metal fillings in the tooth. At Tod Anderson DDS family and cosmetic dentistry, the dentists have the expertise in providing dental onlay treatments for patients.   

Benefits of Onlay

  • Onlays restore strength and provide structure to the tooth.
  • The treatment helps to enhance the appearance of the person. 
  • It helps preserve the natural tooth.
  • Onlays are durable when properly cared for
  • It maintains a white appearance that matches the natural teeth. 

The Onlay Procedure

The patient requires two dental visits for a dental onlay procedure and the patient can choose the color of the dental onlay. 

In the first appointment, the dentist prepares the tooth for treatment by cleaning the teeth. Anesthesia is then administered to the patient and the decayed or otherwise damaged part of the tooth is removed. An impression of the teeth is made using digital imaging systems and then sent to the laboratory to be the basis for the fabrication of the onlay. While the permanent onlay is being fabricated, the dentist places temporary onlay until the next appointment. 

When it is done, the custom-crafted dental onlay is placed onto the teeth during the second appointment after removing the temporary onlay. The dentist ensures that it is a good fit by analyzing the bite of the patient. When that is done, the onlay is permanently bonded onto the teeth and polished to provide a natural-looking dental restoration. 

Care for Dental Onlays

The dentist recommends that the patients follow good dental care to retain the dental onlay. The patients are advised to brush and floss their teeth regularly. They are provided with an antiseptic mouth rinse which helps to keep the mouth clear of bacteria. The dentists instruct the patients to avoid extremely hot and cold food after the treatment. It may cause sensitivity to the tooth that has been treated. 

A regular dental visit is mandatory to keep track of the condition of the dental onlay. It also helps dentists determine the dental requirements and repairs that the patient may require to maintain good dental health. 

Tod Anderson DDSfamily and cosmetic dentistry, located in Los Gatos, CA, is equipped with modern technologies that can provide efficient treatments while keeping the patient comfortable. Call us at (408) 540-7813 and book an appointment to know more about dental onlays and other dental treatments. 


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