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Though your child’s teeth may appear straight and aligned, there still may be problems that will not be visible to the naked eye. Only an expert dental professional can detect early orthodontic issues. Early assessment and treatment of orthodontic problems can help prevent more severe problems and expensive procedures in the future. 

Ortho screenings can help resolve tooth and jaw issues such as overcrowded teeth and the coordination between the upper and lower teeth. While treatment doesn’t usually start this young, it may help you prepare for the possibility of future corrective care. At our office, Tod Anderson DDS in Los Gatos, California, we provide orthodontic screenings for children to prevent dental problems later in their adult lives.

What Is Ortho Screening?

Orthodontic screening is a visual exam of the oral cavity to identify occlusion abnormalities in children. It is carried out with the use of an orthodontic ruler or tongue blade. It is often advised that children have an orthodontic screening by the age of seven. 

What Signs Indicate a Need For Ortho Screening?

Several signs indicate your child needs orthodontic screenings like:

  • Premature or late loss of the baby teeth
  • Breathing through mouth
  • Thumb or finger sucking
  • Difficulty in chewing or biting food
  • Crowded, misplaced, or blocked teeth
  • Teeth that don’t erupt normally 
  • Improper bite

Why is Early Screening Recommended?

An early ortho screening is recommended as it is better to diagnose a problem sooner rather than later to get them treated on time. Not only does early treatment benefit the child, but it also improves their quality of life. Moreover, it is easier to treat children when they are young, as the teeth can be aligned more easily. Early detection of orthodontic problems can also prevent the development of additional problems in the future.

How Is Ortho Screening Performed?

An ortho screening is a non-invasive procedure that evaluates not just the teeth but also the facial structure. Our dentist, Dr. Anderson, will check for any asymmetries in the face that may begin to appear as the child grows. If any abnormalities are identified, orthodontic treatment may be required to correct them. The teeth examination will note the alignment issues besides observing the presence of any lesions or other problems in the mouth. Additionally, we will also be looking for issues of crowded teeth, missing teeth, cross-bites, and the effects of harmful oral habits.

If you want to undertake an ortho screening for your, visit Tod Anderson DDS at 14475 S Bascom Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95032, or call us at (408) 540-7813 and schedule an appointment with the dentist.


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