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Tooth decay is pretty common in both childre
n and adults. Even with an excellent oral hygiene regime, you may still be at risk of developing cavities.  Competent brushing and flossing of the teeth can only help clean the front surfaces of the teeth. But reaching out to the premolars and back molars can be pretty challenging for everyone. The deep fissures on the teeth's chewing surfaces provide a perfect site for accumulating food and a breeding ground for bacteria. This most often leads to the formation of cavities in the vulnerable teeth.

At Tod Anderson DDS in Los Gatos, California, we specialize in providing dental sealants to help safeguard your teeth from cavities and tooth decay.

What Are Sealants?

Sealants are a potent preventative tool that helps avert multiple oral health problems. Basically, a sealant acts as a shield for your teeth. The chewing surfaces of the molar teeth do not get cleaned properly since the toothbrush's bristles may not be able to reach the food and plaque stuck within these deep fissures. This leftover food debris can cause the erosion of the tooth's enamel and lead to the formation of cavities. A sealant is a protective layer bonded to the back molars and seals the hollows and fissures to prevent harmful bacterial accumulation. They are generally made of resin or polymer. 

Benefits of Sealants

There are several benefits of sealant applications including:

Healthier Teeth

A diseased mouth can create several oral health problems. It is smarter to take preventative measures to protect your mouth than to undergo more invasive procedures when the condition worsens. For example, if you have a cavity filled, the health and strength of your tooth will no longer be compromised. The overall, long-term health of your teeth and gums is enhanced by receiving dental sealants.

Simple Procedure

The dental sealants can be applied quickly, causing no pain or discomfort during or after the application, and last for years to come. It only requires a few minutes to apply to each tooth.

Saves Expenditure

Treating a cavity can be an expensive affair, especially if you don't have dental insurance. Applying a protective dental sealant promptly will cost less than undertaking corrective treatment later.

Saves Time

As dental sealants significantly reduce your risk of developing cavities, you spend a lot less time in the dental chair dealing with oral health issues.

Dental sealants are an excellent option for additional protection for your teeth from tooth decay and cavities. If you want to know more about sealants, visit us at Tod Anderson DDS at 14475 S Bascom Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95032, or call us at (408) 540-7813 and schedule an appointment with the dentist.


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